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“Must have” Ubuntu packages
“Must-Have” Linux Software

Hello, I am a rails, php, iPhone and android app developer. I was working on mac and windows and i moved to Ubuntu 10.04. Can u tell me what the general tools (regarding development or non development) are good to use in Ubuntu. Anything starting from music to development will be a help.

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I like to install the SciTE text editor, on both Linux and Windows. I find it much better then the default GUI text editors provided on both platforms and having the same editor on both platforms is a big productivity booster for me.

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  1. Editor - vim, gvim if you know/want to know how to use it, or gedit which comes as default
  2. Development - your compilers and interpreters of course

For most other things, there's pretty much already something installed, like Rhytmbox for music, Firefox for browsing, ...

Just have a look inside your application menu.

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