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I'm using Windows Vista, and I was wondering if I can put shortcuts for applications.Like for example, if I press a certain combination of keys I get notepad, or something like that. If those shortcuts were already there, how can I know them?

Another thing, if I have an application that runs on media files for example, can I add it on the " Right Click" menu when I right click on media files. I hope you got that :)

Thanks alot :)

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For keyboard shortcuts, the program has to be on the start menu. MS has a KB on how to do it. Alternatively, you can download software to manage this, but it's commonly unnecessary.

Editing the context menu for file types is a bit more involved, I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner, but there are directions available from the Vista Club.

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Thanx, that was really helpful :) – user36370 May 6 '10 at 23:36

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