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HI all sorry for my bad English

My program (GTK) runs in Linux (Ubuntu) without any problem and its themes are fine but when I change my system to run just X and then my program, it runs but without any theme. How can I configure my system to use theme in X for my program?


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Create a .gtkrc-2.0 in your home folder. Like this:
touch ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Then you just have to edit it.
nano ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Using the documentations/howtos.
Like this or this or you can use a tool for all of this (which works more or less). (gtk-chtheme or lxappearance)

If you use your root account to start the X, then obviously you have to copy the gtkrc into the root folder. sudo cp /home/username/.gtkrc* /root/

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The Ubuntu configuration tools set the theme using gnome-settings-daemon. This daemon is always running as part of a Gnome session, but if Gnome has not started, it isn't running, and so the theme settings are not applied.

You can either run gnome-settings-daemon in your X session, or manually change your GTK theme settings as suggested by Shiki.

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