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Possible Duplicate:
Firefox addon for searching with different search engines

By default, I can select a word/phrase, right-click and choose "Search with Google". I'd like a "Search with Wikipedia" to mimic this option, but instead of using Wikipedia's search function, I'd like to use the following search string:

%s = word/phrase that has been selected

How can I get this to work?

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The Search With... function is linked to Firefox's Search Box.

It is showing you Search With Google because you have Google selected for your Search Box.

If you change the search to Wikipedia (add it here if you don't have it already) you will get Search with Wikipedia in your right click.

If you want a custom Search With... on right click you will need to create your own custom search plug-in, add this to Firefox and then set it as the Search Box.

A tutorials to create a custom search is here

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