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When I switch to the Finder using cmd-tab, no open Finder windows show up.

I switched to finder with cmd-tab, Finder is brought to the front, but its windows are not.

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The Finder stays "open" even if windows are not open/present, and when switching to the Finder icon via cmd+tab and no windows show, press cmd+ n and a finder window will open/appear.

So, if you have no finder windows open, when switching to the finder app using cmd+tab, it will do nothing, besides being active (check menu bar and you will see Finder menu options), which allows you to press cmd+n to open a new window. Once windows are open, using cmd+tab will switch to any open window. Same goes for most applications as well, ie: Firefox, Safari, etc..

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Thanks, but I always use cmd+tab to switch among apps. But I don't know why, now I can't switch to a finder window already open with this short cut. The finder window stays open, but doesn't appear with cmd+tab. – user36449 May 9 '10 at 12:21
interesting. do you have any hacks or other aps running that interfere with the default functionality of the finder? Trying removing your file, and see if that does the trick. – fady May 9 '10 at 23:18

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