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I just found a really interesting program that allows me to use a USB drive as a windows login key. It is called Rohos Logon Key. IF I remobve my USB drive/key from the PC then I can have the PC lock or hibernate or any other option, I have been looking for such a solution for many years but never knew one existed until this and it works much better then I imagined.

I do have a couple minor issues though (im using Windows 7 pro). When I remove and then re-insert my USB key, windows prompts me with this dialog here...

alt text

Generally when I get this I just click on "Continue without scanning" however I am looking for a solution to just make it not even show this at all, is it possible to disable it from showing?


I also get this dialog as well when I insert USB drives/key...
alt text

Would it be possible to not show this as well or have it pick an option by default or anything really?

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Have you ever tried clicking "Scan and fix"? – Hello71 Jun 30 '10 at 0:44

If you follow the instruction at the bottom of your 2nd graphic, you should be able to do at least some of what you want.

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