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Basically I would like to know if there's is an actual web page that can be searched for the programs available under yum. I have yumex and I've tried using it but its super slow to search (sometimes it takes 5 minutes) and I would like some webpage or other method of doing a search.


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Debian and Gentoo have an online package index...I'd be surprised if yum doesn't have one too. I can't find it though :( – marcusw May 9 '10 at 19:34

I'm not sure if you just want a big list/overview of all available packages or that you're specifically searching for something like "ftp".

In the latter you could use

yum search ftp

or any other terms you want to search for.

If you use YUM under Fedora core you can also look here -> Fedora Package DB

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"yum list all" lists all packages available in your configured repos. It's slow, so I stash the output somewhere to look at when I've some quick need for it.

"yum info all" gets not just the package names and versions (and origins), but also a brief description of each.

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