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Possible Duplicate:
Linux process to background - relogin - how to bring process back to foreground?

Okay, kind of a weird question but let's say I'm running a long-running batch script in a terminal window and I close that terminal window.

Is it possible, in any way, to ssh back into that server and run a command that pops you back into that process, so you can see it running again?

This is on linux (Redhat).


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Wasn't a background process but hopefully one of the other answers applies. – Jordan Reiter May 11 '10 at 2:40

you'd want to run the process in screen, most likely, then detach the screen session.

I also think you can switch a process to the background with an && at the end of the line invoking it, and using fg n where n is the process number to bring it back to the front, though i haven't tried this yet.

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