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I recently add a 1T disk to an XP machine. I found the disk in the "disk management", I click "initialize" to init it, then creates a primary partition with size 950G, then select quick format to format the disk, the "disk management" will then complains:

The disk configuration operation did not complete. Check the system event log for more information on the error. Verify the status of your storage devices before retrying. If that does not solve the problem, close the disk management console, then restart disk management or restart the computer.

What could be the reason?

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What was the additional information on the error in the event log? – Mike Fitzpatrick May 11 '10 at 8:41
Found the followings: The device, \Device\Harddisk1\D, has a bad block. The fault tolerant driver could not read the on disk structures from disk 1. The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period. The device 'WDC WD10EVDS-63U8B0' (IDE\DiskWDC_WD10EVDS-63U8B0_____________________01.00A01\5&8b4669c&0&0.0.0) disappeared from the system without first being prepared for removal. Seems to be a disk failure? – sma May 11 '10 at 9:13
Sounds like warranty time! or try a long format. – Moab Jun 29 '10 at 16:08

confirmed to be hard disk problem...first time to met a brand new bad disk.

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Really? I'm jealous. Normally, I get one bad drive per time I order drives. – Fake Name Jun 22 '10 at 6:59

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