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I've got a few programs i need to install every time i reinstall a computer

  • office 2003 Pro
  • office 2007 compatibility pack
  • Adobe acrobat
  • Adobe flash

but i hate to do this every time on every computer ive already made a batch script when i boot xp the first time after reinstall like

@echo off
"I:\installs\adobe reader\setup.exe"
"I:\installs\office 2003\setup.exe"
"I:\installs\office compatibilitiy\setup.exe"

but it doesnt install automatically, is that possible?

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You should google "silent install name_of_software" or "unattended name_of_software"

or looking directly there:

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There is a very good article here on the subject: script

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One solution would be to take an image of the disk and then apply that when you re-install. You'll want software that can clone a disk Wikipedia. There are several programs out there, I haven't used any recently so I can't recommend one.

It does mean you have to do one last manual install of everything, but after that it should be a simple matter of copying the cloned disk back onto your hard drive.

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How about interactive input like dreaded serial numbers etc? That breaks the automation via batch files only. Something like AutoIt could probably be used instead. – vtest Jul 31 '11 at 5:50

Office 2003 uses MST transform files to automate the installation process. They can be a bit tricky to setup, but once you haver your MST file you can use it to do an unattended installation of Office 2003

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well, you could write a script with a program like autoit or autohotkeys

I suppose the jist can be to launch the installation, and then send tab and space, and so on, to get through the installation the way you want it.

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