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I am building a new computer and have already installed XP Pro on drive 1 partition 1. Drive 1 is a 500 gig SATA with 4 partitions (1 = 50 gig, 2 = 50 gig, 3 =200 gig, 4 = 200 gig).

Drive 2 is a 160 gig SATA with 2 patitions (1 = 60 Gig, 2 = 100 gig).

I would like to install win 7 on drive 2, partition 1 to dual boot with xp on drive 1, partition 1.

As XP is already installed where wanted, is there anything I should know about installing win 7 on drive 2, partition 1 ?

Thanks for any and all inputs.


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close. the possible duplicate only considers installing to a single drive. i believe win7's bootloader will install itself to the primary drive's boot sector, but not the secondary drive -- this would be a concern if you removed the primary drive, for example. (i could be wrong; i haven't had the pleasure of playing with win7 yet.) – quack quixote May 11 '10 at 15:42

If all the partitions are already set up then go ahead with the install and make sure you select the correct partition at the appropriate stage.

Win 7 installer should detect Windows XP and include it automatically in the boot menu.

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Thank you Shevek, I thought that was right, but I'd rather be sure sooner than later ... :) – Rustee May 11 '10 at 14:20

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