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I'm trying to use sdd on my Debian system, and can't get one set of options to work. They do work in dd so I am wondering if I am specifying them incorrectly, or if sdd didn't implement them, or something else.

What I want to do is

sdd if=/dev/hdh1 of=/bay5/imagebay1 bs=4096 conv=sync,noerror

If I leave out the conv=... option, it works. Or at least starts copying data.

sdd if=/dev/hdh1 of=/bay5/imagebay1 bs=4096

Can you shed a bit of light?

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please don't double-post. i'm not sure why the migrated version of this question hasn't already been associated with your account; it should've been. i'm filing a bug on that. – quack quixote May 12 '10 at 2:30
filed a bug report on meta -- this should get the ownership issue fixed. – quack quixote May 12 '10 at 2:49

If you look at the manpage you will see sdd does not support a 'conv' option.

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