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I'm going to be installing Visual Studio 2010. I already have my source code on the SSD. For best performance, especially time to open the solution and compiling time, would it be better to install VS 2010 on the SSD or install it on the HDD.

If both were on the SSD, loading the VS 2010 files would be quicker, but there would be contention between loading the source and the program files.


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Unless your SSD is really small you should just re-install it on SSD and hard disk and measure cold start, warm start and build times. I tried this with Visual Studio 2008 installed on Intel x25-m and WD 640GB Blue and got:

  • cold start: 15 s on HDD, 3 s on SSD
  • new WPF project, firt run: 20 s on HDD, 5 s on SSD
  • new WPF project, second run: 5 s on HDD, 2 s on SSD
  • Add reference: 9 s on HDD, 2 s on SSD
  • compile VS6 project: 4 s on HDD, 4 s on SSD

As you can see, results are not always intuitive

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Almost certainly not. Once VS2010 is loaded up (and I know, that can take a while) its going to be in memory and as fast as its ever going to be.

I would say you need the project files on the SSD (though, I have to question whether this is a good idea or not - you'll be writing a lot of temporary build files, and things like the intellisense DB all the time. SSDs aren't quite so fast when writing compared to reading).

The only thing I can think of where VS2010 would gain a speedup is when its files are discarded from main RAM, then re-loading them into memory would be a lot quicker. So I would swap - install VS2010 on the SSD, and put your source files on the HDD.

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SSDs are a lot faster than a spinnign drive when writing small, random files. See anandtech.com/show/3618/… –  CAD bloke May 20 '10 at 9:54

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