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My laptop's main HD makes a clicking or knocking sound when Windows or the Bios tries to access it. I put it into a SATA dock and it sounds perfectly fine when spinning up, but after Windows tries to access it, it becomes a repetitive clicking or knocking sound.

Does anyone know any tips that might help me access my data? It locks up parts Windows XP and Ghost with WinPE, so I am unable to access my data.

I have most of it backed up, but I would still like to Ghost it before I send it off for repairs. I know my laptop is still under warranty.

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That clicking is the HD recalibrating the heads. Which means the disk is failing. It might take a very long time before it stops working all together, so no need to panic. But you should backup all your data soon, and send it in for replacement.

There's a wiki article on the sound you described, the Click of Death.

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How might you suggest I pull of the data? It locks up the OS that tries to access it. – Daniel A. White May 13 '10 at 10:36

When your drive locks up in windows trying to recover data you can try using any other operating system other than Windows. ONLY: If you don't care about the data you can always try a Linux based bootable for recovery.

If a drive is clicking or making noises you can learn about a few reasons why this might happen here

Your drive has a mechanical failure and no matter what you do as far as trying to recover the data is only going to make it worse. In order to recover data from this drive it has to be repaired first then you can make an image.

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