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We have two paths. First one is directory, second either dir or file.

/a/b/c and /a/d/e.txt

Relative path from first path to second will be:


How to calculate that in Linux terminal? For those who ask “What is usage case?” one could use this—or example—to create lots of relative symlinks.

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Assuming GNU coreutils:

  • For symlinks, ln has recently learned the --relative option.

  • For everything else, realpath supports options --relative-to= and --relative-base=.

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For me, this answer (which uses a python oneliner) works perfect.

$ python -c "import os.path; print os.path.relpath('/a/d/e.txt', '/a/b/c')"

Tested successfully on linux (Kubuntu 14.04) an on Mac OSX, needs Python 2.6.

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