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  • Is it possible, to have a functional minimalistic (or default) setup of Cygwin on a portable medium, such as a USB stick? If so, how can this be achieved?

    • What would be the most suitable file system, to use accordingly?
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FAT32 - possibly – Aaron Jul 27 '09 at 23:30
with fat32 you WILL have issues because ACL is not supported. eg. tmux dosn't work with default session unless /tmp supports ACL. Because of ACL I'd go with NTFS even when it's not the best system for USBs.. – Paladin Jul 1 at 15:04
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This site explains how to install onto a USB stick.

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Alas, not that great of an answer, I've spent some time trying, and not really gotten anything I'm happy with, I use for almost everything at work, but not for getting Unix, or even emacs.

Not to say that this is not a solvable problem or even a hard one, I think someone who groks windows just needs to take a look at it.

File system wise, depends where you want to uses it. Probably ntfs, if all you care about is windows (well, can work with Linux), I use fat32 on a 4gb (wasteful for cygwin though, many small files), and I've looked at using UDF (DVD file system), but need to get around to making my linux box write to it.

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