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In TotalCommander I have saved the open tabs on the left and on the right windows in a *.tab file.

But I want to put the *.tab file on my desktop and doubleklick it and TC (which is not already running) should open with just those tabs.

And I could have different *.tc files on my desktop then.

I remember this worked before? If so how can I fix it or change a setting?

I know I can open them again from inside TotalCommander but that's not what I am asking for here.

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You can use /T command line parameter of TC. See TC help for more details:

/T Opens the passed dir(s) in new tab(s). Now also works when Total Commander hasn't been open yet.

Just create a .lnk file to the TC on you desktop and setup it to use /T with your directories.

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cool - thank you! – Glen S. Dalton May 14 '10 at 0:42

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