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I'm running desktop Ubuntu 9.10 on my Dell laptop. Previously it was Ubuntu 9.04. After some period of time (lets say 3-4 months) my X fails to start automatically after some restart calls. If that takes place my network manager applet doesn't start either (after I do startx). Can any one point out what I'm missing/what's the problem?

I get a perfect server boot meaning there's no Xorg started. Command line interface is all I get starting from login and further.

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more information please. what do you mean, 'x doesn't start'? does your laptop boot up to a text command line? does X start, but nothing displays on your screen? what? – cpbills May 13 '10 at 17:18
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sounds like something has changed your runlevel, and perhaps your system is out of date. try running apt-get upgrade and then apt-get dist-upgrade look at /etc/inittab and check the default runlevel. i'm not sure which runlevel on ubuntu represents gui login, but basic googling shows the line /might/ need to look like id:3:initdefault:

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