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I have a number of sheets that I want to unhide quickly in Excel. Do you know if it is possible to unhide multiple sheets at the same time?

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What version of Excel? – squillman May 13 '10 at 23:29
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If you are able to have macros in your workbook I would go for this option...

You need the first block of code found here. I just tested in Excel 2007 and it works.

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In 2007, go to the View tab and find the Custom Views button. Unhide all the sheets in your workbook and add a custom view called "ShowAll". Then hide the sheets you want and create another custom view called "HideSome". Now you can quickly hide and show those multiple sheets by selecting a custom view. Of course you'll want to name your custom views better than my example.

In 2003 and earlier, it's under the View menu.

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Short answer. No. Microsoft doesn't feel that an Unhide All option would make for a less convoluted experience. In fact, just accept the fact that most questions around productivity improvements in Excel are answered with "No".

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