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I don't want to load the images when i visit some website .Are there any plug-in of firefox can do it?

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Adblock plus will allow you to do this.

Right click on an image on the site.

Click Adblock Plus: Block image...

A dialog will appear, "Look for Pattern"

Select the one matching http://www.domain.com/*

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But don't forget to add ".jpg" on the end otherwise you'll block the entire site. You'll have to add a filter for "gif" and "png" images as well. –  ChrisF May 21 '10 at 19:53

In Firefox, goto Tools > Options > Load Images Automatically -> Exceptions

Add site and say Block and Close

alt text

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+1 for suggesting a solution WITHOUT the help of add-ons. –  TFM May 14 '10 at 8:20

Nuke Anything Enhanced can also do this on a one time basis if you do not want to blacklist something forever or have to worry about managing a list of blocked content.

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You can use a greasemonkey script to do this.

This question might be close to this one in SO : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/387260/removing-images-with-greasemonkey

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