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I've installed SharePoint 2010 as a development environment on my Windows 7 x64 environment (notes here) and would like to install Office Web Apps onto it also.

However, when trying to install (following this link), I get an error saying that Web roles aren't installed.

The error message in the log file is:

Start C:\Windows\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe -whatif -inputpath C:\Users\nickh\AppData\Local\Temp\PRE1.tmp.XML
Error: Failed to start process for file: C:\Windows\system32\ServerManagerCmd.exe arguments: -whatif -inputpath C:\Users\nickh\AppData\Local\Temp\PRE1.tmp.XML ErrorCode: 2(0x2). 

Which is effectively saying that ServerManagerCmd is not found. It isn't on my machine as it is deprecated and replaced by Powershell functions, but is on Server 2008 R2. I've tried copying that over and it just fails to run.

Is there a way to get Office WebApps installed on Win7 ? Is there a way to get a working version of ServerManagerCmd.exe on a Windows 7 x64 environment ?

Many thanks

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Workaround: you need to emulate the work of ServerManagerCmd.

  1. With Visual Studio create a simple console application with the name ServerManagerCmd
  2. Add just 1 code string:

    System.Environment.ExitCode = 1003;
  3. Compile and copy to C:\Windows\System32
  4. Run setup again
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I'll try that. Great suggestion though! – Nick Haslam May 25 '10 at 14:07
Sadly, no joy. That gives me 'Windows Server 2008 Features or Role Services check failed.' – Nick Haslam May 27 '10 at 9:32
Worked for me, followed instructions here: which includes a link to a ServerManagerCmd.exe – Lee Richardson May 28 '10 at 14:28

I very much doubt that you could get this to work. SharePoint is probably very dependent on features and tools only available and designed to run on Server 2008.

I believe Microsoft has expressed that they would like the core parts of their server and desktop operating systems to be more similar, but even with these latest 2 releases, I don't believe they are there yet. Their system requirements for SharePoint 2010 are very specific, especially for a Microsoft product which usually operates on a wide variety of their platforms.

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As I said in my question, Microsoft have a process installing SharePoint on Windows 7, which I followed (there's a link in the question). I'm just wanting to install Office Web Apps onto it. Thanks anyway. – Nick Haslam May 14 '10 at 11:33

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