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I'm wondering if it's possible in Google Chrome (Mac) to display all the available "accesskey" keyboard shortcuts for a web page. What I would like to achieve is something like this for Firefox.

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There is now. See the Display Access Keys extension.

(I took the css from the article you linked to an slapped it into a chrome extension package)

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This displays an extension "Text into Multiple Columns", not the one above anymore. – Joshua Muheim Apr 12 at 9:59
That's another one of my extensions... not sure what happened to the Display Access Keys extension. – Doug Harris Apr 12 at 18:31
I've updated the extension and the link in my answer – Doug Harris Apr 12 at 20:23
It would be good to display them only on request, e.g. when clicking on the extension's icon. – Joshua Muheim Apr 13 at 13:54
Nice idea. I won't likely get to that soon - but feel free to fork the code from my github repo and submit a pull request. – Doug Harris Apr 13 at 17:50

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