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I have a multi-boot system(win xp, win 7 and ubuntu). How do I get to backup those? Win xp and ubuntu 10.04 are on the same partition through wubi. And win 7 is on a different partition. What software will I use to image those 3 os' and restore it in different partitions.

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Several free products are available that backup multiple partitions or entire disks.
Some are listed below.

AOMEI Backupper
Maybe the best of its kind. Does Restore with Shrink.

Paragon Backup and Recovery Free
Lots of options. Also does Restore with Shrink.

Macrium Reflect Free

EASEUS Todo Backup
This article shows how to backup multiple partitions/disks/MBR:
Free Windows Backup Software Help You Backup Drive and Partition

Very reliable and stable, but more complicated to use.

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if you have a WD drive (western digital) you can get a WD acronis true image thing for free, this is enough to clone disks, and create Images of partitions. it is working equally well with XP as it is with W7 , i have no idea about linux. i boot it off a CD, and everything goes as planned so far (until i remove my WD drives and wonder why i used the free version :-)

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