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i am a home user of windows 7 and really like the new features like

  • jumplists
  • taskbar thumbnails etc

i am also exploring benefits of homegroup, federated search and since i am a developer intending to start ASP.NET MVC 2 development from PHP, i am thinking a Windows Home Server maybe useful for me.

but what i need, IIS, homegroups etc are offered in Windows 7 too. i am wondering why will i want to have a home server instead? i believe it will offer some benefits i should know of?

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Windows Home Server is based on Windows Server 2003 SP2.

Public beta of new Windows Home Server

Best way for you is Windows 7, because they support latest IIS (webserver). Or wait to next version of WHS.

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if i get a home server i will definitely wait for WHS "vail". i have actually looked at Acer EasyStore wonder hows it. – Jiew Meng May 16 '10 at 1:35

Windows Home Server really is designed to be (but doesn't have to be) headless, for people with multiple computers wanting to backup multiple computers, have a central file store and more.

It can be used as a regular machine (as it is based on Windows Server) but I really would not recommend it.

If you are not actually going to be hosting but just developing, I recommend you use Visual Web Developer Express (Or full Visual Studio). It includes Cassini/ASP.Net Development Server which is basically a very light-weight server for hosting ASP.NET applications.

Alternatively, you can install Microsoft Virtual PC and then install Windows Server on top of that which gives you the best of both worlds.

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