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I have a usb pen memory crypted with TrueCrypt.

Is there a way to decrypt ( without TrueCrypt ) files encrypted with TrueCrypt in linux ?

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TrueCrypt volumes can only be decrypted with TrueCrypt itself.

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No longer true - dmcrypt now has support for the TrueCrypt file format. This is especially useful now that the TC product has been discontinued (, though they still offer a decryption application to facilitate moving to a maintained product. – kronenpj Nov 28 '14 at 20:29

You'll need to use Truecrypt (that's the whole point of encryption), however you can use the Windows version of Truecrypt to decrypt linux-created Truecrypt volumes, AFAIK.

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    How to Remove Encryption : 
1-Mount your TrueCrypt volume.
2-Move all files from the TrueCrypt volume to any location outside the TrueCrypt
   volume (note that the files will be decrypted on the fly).
3-Dismount the TrueCrypt volume.
4-If the TrueCrypt volume is file-hosted, delete it (the container) just like 
    you delete any other file.
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The question specifically asked for a non-TrueCrypt method (which is not possible). – alroc Dec 22 '12 at 22:11

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