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Is there a text editor which enables real-time spell checking like the rich tech editor in Gmail or even typing anything using Firefox? is there a Notepad++ plugin?

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Yes, but it's not compatible right now with the latest version of Notepad++

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Just press ALT+A combo to toggle spell check in notepad++.

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There is an inline "live" spell check in the newest version of Notepad++ as per this question: How can one turn off spell checking in Notepad++?.

If it is not already activated, you can do it three ways:

  1. When installing; during the Choose components selection navigate to "Plugins" and check the "Spell-checker"-plugin.
  2. In Notepad++ locate "Plugins" > "DSpellCheck" > "Auto-check document" or alternatively press the key combo Alt+A.
  3. In v6.5 there is a toolbar button (ABC with a squiggly line under it) which enable/disables the function.
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