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Is there a SonicWall client for Linux? When I searched around I could only find answers several years old.

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There is no special client for SonicWall. Use Openswan on your linux box, configure a tunnel between your box and sonicwall, with NAT traversal. Here are few docs:

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That's no longer true, FYI, there is now a Sonicwall connection utility for Linux – Justin Buser Nov 23 '14 at 15:05
@JustinBuser Details? – Jrgns Jan 26 '15 at 5:42
NetExtender is the Sonicwall VPN client for desktops (as opposed to an always-on connection, to a satelite office for example). The client does have Linux builds available and works fairly well. If you have the SonicWall Virtual Office enabled on your appliance then you can download the client by going to https://your-sonicwall-public-ip:4433 and logging in with a regular (not "admin") user account. I'm not certain those details are all stock settings, but we've used them a few times on a TZ205 appliance with ~5.8.0+ firmware. – STW Jun 17 '15 at 2:39
ps) the latest version of NetExtender can also be downloaded after logging in to - again YMMV depending on what you own and have registered to your account – STW Jun 17 '15 at 2:41

I'm not sure if this is model specific but where I work we have an Aventail WorkPlace SonicWall VPN. When you put the hostname that you use to connect to it into a browser it takes you to a page that has links where you can download client software to connect to the VPN box. From here there are links to down Linux VPN client software.

The software comes in 32/64 bit formats as tarballs named, AventailConnect-Linux.tar & AventailConnect-Linux64.tar.

The only other branding that I've noticed on the download page is that it says nortel in the title page, and "Aventail Connect with smarttunneling", on the side of the download page.

I wrote up on my blog about this as well, I included some screenshots in that post of the various pages where you can download the Aventail VPN client software.

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The download link for the Linux client from SonicWall is here.

Go to that page, the follow the directions to log in to the Beta site as a guest (username is "demo", password is "password" - as provided on the page), then click the large NetExtender button, which will initiate a download of the latest .tgz file.

Extract it and run ./install as root (using sudo), then run the GUI. The installer has instructions to help you all along the way.

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If you have a My Sonicwall account, you can download SSL VPN clients for Linux. The Program is called NetExtender.

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