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I'm looking for an HP USB 104-Key Modular Keyboard with Detachable Number Pad (model number is DT530A, I believe), shown at this online store, where it's quite cheap but is sadly sold out. I've searched for hours on Google, and I've found several - the problem is they're Spanish or Greek keyboards but I need one in English (US keys preferred)! I would also be happy with a keyboard which is not exactly this but is similar, either with a detachable keypad or with no keypad at all, as long as the keyboard key layout and positioning is the same as on a standard keyboard. Can you help me find such a keyboard?

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  • Found it at Server Parts Warehouse - 5 units available Price: $149.00
  • As far as "a keyboard which is not exactly this but is similar" I got nothing...

Took Some Work Too...

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I think you might enjoy the Sidewinder X6. If you want a wireless solution, logitech has one.

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