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I am using scp command to copy file from a MacBook Pro OS X 10.5 to another Linux box (Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5).

I am using the following command on Mac, sudo scp ~/.ssh/mykey.rsa testuser@, there is no output from Mac command line. I am not sure whether the scp is success or not. Where is the location the file mykey.rsa on remote computer

thanks in advance, George

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The mykey.rsa file has been renamed to testuser@ on the Mac. It has not been copied to the machine at all.

It's because the destination address wasn't in the correct format. When using scp, any filename that refers to another machine must be specified in the following format:


The colon between the user@host and path is important. Without the colon, scp will not treat it as an address of another machine and will instead assume it's just an oddly-formatted local filename.

To copy the mykey.rsa file, you should probably use a command like

scp ~/.ssh/mykey.rsa testuser@
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Thanks, question answered! – George2 May 17 '10 at 6:53

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