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Possible Duplicates:
Remote desktop to Mac from various platforms (Windows, Ubuntu)
Fast VNC from Windows to Mac?

Hey any one know of a free application i can use to remote desktop to my mac from windows?

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As far as a cross platform solution PC -> MAC, VNC is the best solution. The slowness is likely due to a combination of the speed of your internet connection, the resolution on your mac, and the color depth you've chosen on your mac

I think best solution for you is :: VNC

or you can use this link.

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Use VNC. On the Mac enable VNC access in System Preferences => Sharing => Screen Sharing. On the PC you need to install a VNC client such as RealVNC.

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+1 for VNC. ... – Josh May 17 '10 at 16:33

Another option: TeamViewer

Simple download and run for client, no installation needed for impromptu help sessions... (Still, you can install if you want to).

Works well enough, and is free for non-commercial use.

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Any VNC client should be able to connect to a VNC server on the Mac.

See for configuring VNC on the mac

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Specifically, do you mean to remotely control a Mac OS X machine? Are you on a local LAN or over the internet?

I use the built in VNC server on Mac (System Preferences > Sharing > Remote Management > Computer Settings... > VNC Viewers may control screen with this password) and from Windows, Linux, or w/e I use a VNC client such as Tight VNC on Windows or vnc4viewer on Ubuntu.

If you are controlling over the internet you might look into logmein. I use that and it seems to be very reliable. It's not as fast as gotomypc in my experience but it's free.

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