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Hi I made a new build for my application. But I am getting an error when i am trying to open rox from that application, like firewall blocked some features of the program and after i clicked on do not show this message it is goes on freeze. When i check my earlier production version i am not getting any error like this and it is working fine.

Please help me. I am getting the same error when i tried to run application through the tool.

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There is an easy way to test if the firewall is blocking you. Try connecting to the host and in question via Telnet


telnet 80
telnet 1433

If you do not get an error and it takes you to a blank screen or returns output, you do not have a firewall issue

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But I am not getting any error for previous version, we didnt change any code changes where we are getting this error. – Raichel Jul 28 '09 at 5:48

You have to allow the application to bypass your firewall every time it changes.

If the application changes in any way the firewall sees it as a new application.

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