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I wanted to re-install windows xp in my system for repairing purpose. But before that one of my tutorials suggested to un-install internet explorer. I don't know why ?

If someone knows the exact reason for it...........

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Removing IE from Windows XP can have unpredictable consequences and as far as I'm aware it's not generally a good thing to do. Having said that, if you feel you absolutely must remove this component, you can do so via a number of methods.

You can create a preconfigured image of XP with whatever components you wish by using nLite:

Support can be found here:

For post installation removal, take a look a XPlite:

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Thanks for your reply. On my friend's suggestion I have already bought Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software to handle any data loss circumstances. – davison2 May 24 '10 at 7:22

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