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After reading this question...

Is it possible to connect a Magellan RoadMate (1200, to be specific) to a computer? I have an USB cable, but when I connect the device to my laptop, it isn't recognized by the OS (that is, neither Ubuntu's /var/log/syslog nor Windows' Device Manager show anything at all). The device is based on Windows CE Core 5.0 (or so it says on the back).

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Perhaps a dumb question, but did it come with any drivers?

Though that doesn't necessarily solve your recognition problem...

Some people suggest that your cable is crap, bad wiring or something. Perhaps try another mini-USB cable?

I found something on a different device that had similar problems:

From Magellan:

Thank you for contacting Magellan. This email is in response to your query about the Explorist 210.

I understand that you are having difficulties in getting the unit detected on your computer.

Before you start doing these steps please check with the operating system in your PC. Because only WINDOWS XP, 2000 would be compatible with Magellan. MACINTOSH would not be compatible with Magellan.

  1. Connect the USB cable to the Explorist unit in such a way that the USB cable is pointing downwards towards the battery case.

  2. Make sure that the unit is put up in the file transfer mode. After connecting the USB cable to the unit press menu and press enter in the file transfer mode.

  3. Make sure that you have connected the USB cable to the rear port and not to the front port of the PC. Then your unit would be detected as a new hardware under "Removable disk E:\ or G:\ or F:\"

  4. If you have any external devices like web cam or printer connected to the USB port please remove them.

  5. Also if you have any firewall or antivirus enabled in your PC please go ahead and disable them. Then restart your PC.

  6. Then remove the USB cable from your unit and power off the unit and then connect the USB cable and then power on the unit.

If the issue still persists, and If you could not install the CD then I would suggest you to please give a call to the technical support department number 1-800-707-9971 so that we would walk you through the trouble shooting steps to fix this issue.

If you have further queries, please get back to us.

You can also contact our Technical Support at 1-800-707-9971 for further assistance.

Regards, Steve Magellan Email Support.

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I was having the same issue. Make sure you are using a compatible browser. It won't connect using Google Chrome and make sure it's the actual browser from the internet and not app based. Hope this helps.

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Can you elaborate on this, or maybe provide a link to further reading? Thanks. – fixer1234 Feb 21 at 20:49
Browser? I think you're replying to the wrong question there... – grawity Feb 21 at 20:52

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