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I have a home network comprising an Apple iMacs and a Windows 7 PCs - using the internet connection sharing feature on the Windows 7 PC to share the internet connection with the iMac.

I have configured the hostnames on each pc so, running hostname on the Windows 7 box says "windows7" and on the iMac says "apple", but, if I try and "ping apple" from Windows 7 or "ping Windows7" from the iMac they can't resolve.

what do I need to do to get this 'simple' level on connectivity working?

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Have you tried pinging the IPs as well? – nicorellius May 18 '10 at 15:53
pinging the ip's works. But because ICS dishes up the ip's using DHCP they change. Well, the Windows 7 ICS host is always so I can hardcode that. – Chris Becke May 18 '10 at 18:27
Do you have any AV software running? I believe this was once a problem with Trend Micro – admintech May 19 '10 at 9:31

The problem appears to have resolved itself. Mostly it seems to have been a case of problem-exists-between-keyboard-and-chair.

At any rate - ICS seems to have invented a '' workgroup, and appended that to the generated hostnames. So, I CAN successfully ping - from both the mac and windows pc, '' and ''.

I guess, all I have to do now is add '' to the list of suffixes in the DNS settings on both computers. Strange that thats not automatic.

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