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Unfortunately I can't use AdBlock Plus for Safari, so what' do you use to block ads assuming you're using Safari?

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I think you mean "AdBlock", not "AdBlock Plus". – gparyani Jan 22 '14 at 3:28
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If you use (or are willing to) Safari 5, SafariAdblock (a port of the Chrome extension, not the plugin that was used with Safari 4) works quite well.

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You didn't mention whether or not you're running under Windows or Mac. I'll assume Mac, and if that's the case, have a look at Safari Adblocker, which seems to work pretty well.

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Too bad that's for Mac users only :). Wish we also had something like that on Windows. – Isxek May 18 '10 at 19:37

According to this, you will need to use a custom CSS file (like Fanboy's Element Hider CSS for Opera) to block out the ads from websites. However, it hides the ads more than it actually blocks them.

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Rather than something specifically for Safari, try an ad-blocking hosts file for Windows.

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You could try K9 Web Protection, which is a children's filtering software that I highly recommend...However, you could turn OFF all the features except for the web advertisement blocking, and that would do the job...Works on Windows and Mac, see download page.

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Unfortunately I can't use AdBlock Plus for Safari

AdBlock Plus now has a Safari version. (currently in beta)

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