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I regularly work on different projects, using different software.

For project 1 I need to open for ex : Filezilla, Gedit and Nautilus (set to a specific folder)

For project 2 I need to open foz ex : Gimp, Nautilus (set to another specific folder)


What I would like is a kind of sessions manager, where I could create entries "project 1", "project 2", etc. And with one click or command, open all the softwares I need.

Perhaps there's an easy way to write a batch file for this? Any idea is welcome :)

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There's no way to save multiple sessions per se, but you can write shell scripts that start multiple apps in the background.

$ mkdir ~/bin
$ cat > ~/bin/session1
firefox &
gedit &
nautilus somedir &
$ chmod +x ~/bin/session1
$ session1

Creating a launcher on a panel is left as an exercise for the reader.

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Thanks Ignacio, that's a start. The launcher, can do. Now I have to dig more into shell scripting :) – mike May 18 '10 at 18:44

You could try 'gnome-session' which will save the desktop session when you logout. Then you could set up different user accounts for each project.

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