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I want to print my own checks on blank stock from Quicken and QuickBooks. To do so, I need a virtual driver that intercepts the print output from Quicken formats the fields properly, and adds the MICR text at the bottom of the check. This is for Windows 7 or OS X.

I have looked at the following:

CHAX Works, but crashes a LOT. Not giving me confidence. It is also expensive.

VersaCheck Looks promising but looks like it suffers severe feature bloat. I just want to print check and deposit slips, thank you.

Ganson Is only for high volume really. It is also designed for batch use vs I just want to print to a virtual printer. More than $2500.

GnuMICR is more of a science project. Not yet ready to use and has not been updated for years.

There are a lot of solutions on the web, so please don't just google for me. I am looking for specific experience with good solid check printing solution.


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Note that MICR data should be printed using magnetic ink or toner, so it's more complicated than just finding the right software package. – Steve Simms May 20 '10 at 2:25
The mechanical printing part I have covered with an HP Printer and MICR cartridge. Thanks! – drewk May 24 '10 at 17:20
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No answers, so I will answer my own question.

After searching the Web and downloading several examples, I found Checksoft Premier. I can print directly from Quicken onto blank check stock for several different account. There are some quirks in the program, but it seems to be working fine.

The other contender, VersaCheck, is probably better software, but came with a severe license restriction: You must buy their check paper and enter a license code for each pack of checks you buy. The VersaChecks paper stock is about $0.03 / check premium to regular blank check stock. Unacceptable.

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