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I am creating a table in excel to capture metadata and I want to allow a user to select options from a drop down list(1=yes,2=no,999=missing).

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Being a bit more specific will help getting a useful answer :) – OmidTahouri May 18 '10 at 21:06

To add a list to a worksheet place the cursor in the required cell and then select Data | Validation | Settings. In the dialog box select 'Allow: List' and ensure the 'In-cell dropdown' box is ticked.

The source data refers to a range of cells containing the selection of options (e.g. H12:H15).


You can then hide the column containing the values.

From the same Data Validation window you can choose an Error Alert to appear if something other than the available values is entered.

Remember, there is nothing to stop a user from removing this validation from the spreadsheet, unless you protect the sheet or cell(s).

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In Excel- select the Data header tab Go to Data Validation Settings Allow - List

Source - Select the area of a spreadsheet that has the drop down choices

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Your answer seems to be incomplete. Also, were you aware this question is 4-years old? – CharlieRB Nov 24 '14 at 20:56

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