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I love using Google Picasa, but I'm frustrated by its inability to share information such as albums and starred photos between different computers on a network, much less different users on the same computer.

What are some alternatives to Picasa that don't have this drawback?

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1 Answer

This is an extension on Picasa that might work for you.


This is a tiny application that gives a solution to a couple of shortcomings of Picasa, the photo management application by google:

  • The database with pictures can't be shared among different users
    (not on the same computer, not in a network).
  • You cannot choose where to put the database
    (eg. putting them on a network drive or NAS would be practical).
  • You can only use/have one database per user,
    choosing between multiple databases is not possible.

This little application offers a convenient solution for those limitations... so you can create any number of picasa databases, wherever you like, and share them among as much users and computers as you want in your local network.

One limitation must be noted: it isn't "allowed" to work with several people on the same database simultaniously, otherwise it is possible the database will become corrupted... so Picasa starter won't allow this...

It's supposed to work on Windows XP/Vista/7 with .NET 2.0.
Also read this short FAQ.

enter image description here

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