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I tend to leave Skype calls on overnight, and for some reason Skype overrides my computer going idle. I have no idea why this is; it prevents Pidgin from idling, as well as some other programs, and prevents my computer from going into power-saving turning off the monitor.

Anyway, is there a way to manually turn the monitor off on a laptop in Windows 7?

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If you're running Windows, try the tool in this answer.

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Ooh, fancy. I was hoping for something I could type on command line or in a batch file, but this has the option to set to a hotkey. Very useful. – Corey May 19 '10 at 4:19

You have tagged the question 'Windows 7', but just to mention the Linux solution if you are using X - xset dpms force off.

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Try this Portable little tool MonitorES.

MonitorES is a small Windows utility that helps you to turn off monitor display when you lock down your machine. Also when you lock your machine, it will pause all your running media programs & set your IM status message to "Away" / Custom message (via options) and restore it back to normal when you back.

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