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I got a web-cam and I feels it's a bit underused.

So I'm wondering what free software I could use with it beside of the obvious Widows Messenger (or MSN or whatever it's name now) / Skype.

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  • CamFrog - live webcam video chat room software for Windows

  • Make some fun with webcam using ManyCam

  • Replace login window with face Recognition Software Blink!

  • As a security camera with Dorgem and Tutorial

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You could use WebCamXP5 (yeah, I know) to set up a streaming media server so you could watch your home/office while you are away or use ManyCam for effects.

Also, ChatRoulette...but use at your peril.

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Google Talk and Pidgin both support webcams

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Only GTalk in pidgin supports webcam, no other protocols do. And only in linux i think. – Jonno_FTW May 19 '10 at 12:15
@Jonno_FTW , Google Talk supports webcam , but you need install a plugin by Google. – ukanth May 19 '10 at 12:16

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