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How to stop blanking screen although I am active on Ubuntu Karmic on old IBM Laptop 600E?

After some time of working on the machine the screen goes blank. When I hit ESC on the built-in keyboard (not on the attached USB keyboard where I work) it comes back and everything works fine until the next screen-blanking.

I suspect it is some power management issue.

When I use an old keyboard that has a ps2 connector it does not happen.

So my guess is that the usb keyboard does not update the power management timer that detects when the session was last used?

I am using fluxbox window manager.

I do not want to disable power management because it is nice that the fan only works at the necessary speed (the fan speed is regulated which I can hear) But I could disable power management for testing purposes.

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does the answer of Janne solved your problem? does the problem still exist? – akira Feb 22 '11 at 7:38

Have you tried xset -dpms?

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