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I've got some movies which should be used for tutorial aspects. Problem: the shown stuff is too fast, I need to slow down the movies.

Does anyone know a tool / programm which can do this? The movies are in mp4 format.

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Ok I solved my problem with a little workaround: First I save my video as avi after that I change the framerate (to get the video slower you must decrease the frame rate). As final step I convert my avi to mp4 (h.264). And I'm done. Maybe there is a smarter way to achieve this. – onigunn May 20 '10 at 10:29

QuickTime 7 Pro is able to scale a track (audio or video) to the length of another track.

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Media player classic can speed up or down a movie using CTRL + up/down arrow. It's included with some codec packs like CCCP. Or you can get it from here: .

EDIT: it only speeds up/down the playback, it doesn't save it in the video file (not sure if this is what you wanted). You can also go frame by frame using left/right arrows.

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I want to edit the speed of the video file directly so that there is no user input required. – onigunn May 20 '10 at 8:13

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