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Here is my setup Host OS: XP SP3 Guest OS: XP SP3 (using VMWare)

I checked the /SAFEBOOT option in System Config utility in guest for troubleshooting. Now the guest OS boots up in Safe Mode but I cannot login with my user id/password.

Here is what I tried:

  • [domainName]\[userid] for user name => Login Fails
  • Administrator with blank password => Login fails
  • Safe Mode with Networking => Login fails
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt => Login fails
  • Last Known Good Configuration => starts in safe mode, login fails
  • Start Windows Normally => starts in safe mode, login fails
  • Don't have cd to get to the recovery console

Any ideas?

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I have found a solution to my problem. Hopefully, this will help someone else having a similar problem.

I used the following tool to reset local Admin password.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (

  1. Download the tool Extract the .iso file into a folder of your choice
  2. Start your VM (VMWare Player - 2.5.4 build-246459 in my case)
  3. Set your BIOS boot order to boot from CD
  4. In VMWare Player menu select Devices > CD/DVD(IDE) > Connect to disk image file (.iso)
  5. Choose the image you extracted in step 1
  6. Reboot VM
  7. It should boot into the downloaded tool's command prompt menu
  8. Follow the instructions to change/clear local admin password
  9. Disconnect from the disk image file you connected to in step 4
  10. Reboot and change BIOS options to boot from hard drive
  11. Login with the local admin password
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