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I have a set of CSV files with about a 100k records in them. The records need to be visualized in an x-y diagram. Because of the huge amount of data, Excel is not gonna cut it.

Specifically, I'm looking for:

  1. Seamless zooming in and out of the data
  2. Navigation on both axis
  3. A "trace mode" where I can trace the line with the cursor and the value under the cursor is displayed as text.

Does anyone know a tool capable of this?

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You might be able to roll your own solution with Processing (open source)

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I found a working solution using Grapher, which comes with MacOS X. You can import a CSV file as a Point-Set via Equation->New Point Set. Works like a charm.

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Spotfire is an amazing commercial application that can do visualizations of large amounts of data, including scatterplots. Spotfire has a web player and demo gallery. It is expensive, but has a free trial.

For a scatterplot example, see the Pilot Hours Comparison tab of the Airline Incident Analysis demo.

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