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When doing an alignment in Powerpoint 2007 (say, Align Center), is there any way to select which object will be aligned to? It seems to pick one of the objects, but I'm not sure how it decides which one to pick and how to change it. Order of selection and front/back ordering seems to have no effect.

Anyone have any ideas?

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If it is Align Vertically or Horizontaly, it puts both objects in the middle of delta between them. If it is Left or Top or values like that, it uses the X-most value to align the other object(s). So if you have a shape that is one inch from the top and another that is 5 inches from the top, it will align the 5-inch one to the 1-inch (the "Top Most").

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Thanks May. It's a pity that "align to left/top/right/bottom most" is the only option, since I find it quite limiting, but if that's all they've implemented, just have to work within it. – Ash Jun 4 '10 at 11:40

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