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My company wants to buy Sharepoint 2007 and they asked me if I could give an opinion.

I've saw already a lot of videos and read e-books but would like to use it for a while, specially the integration with Sharepoint Designer 2007.

The only way to do that is installing it on a trial basis? Is there any other way? Any available public installation?

I only have an old 32-bit laptop with Windows XP.

Thanks in advance!

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Easiest is to sign up for a 30-day trial of Microsoft's SharePoint Online Services.

Note: They may only be offering v2010, check with a sales rep.

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Your best bet is to create a Virtual Machine and install SharePoint as a single server install. You would use the eval copy. If you plan on actually licensing this install, do careful planning. A single server install is not the correct option for future growth. Your older laptop may not handle this easily. I would also suggest some of the MS online training and any books you can find. Lots to learn.

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