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I had to format my friend's computer & she didn't have the motherboard cd so I have to download the network driver from the Internet! I need Realtek RTL8201 CL/PL network driver but I can't find the right link to download it.

Where can I download it from ?

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Realtek mentions you have to rely on your motherboard vendor for the drivers

Q9: Why don't I find RTL8201x driver on the website?

A9: RTL8201, RTL8201BL, RTL8201CL, RTL8201CP, RTL8201N and RTL8211B(L) are all PHYceiver. That is a driverless hardware device. Software driver are relative to Network controller ( MAC ) which is integrated into chipset in such case mostly. Please contact your mother board maker or chipset manufacturer to obtain proper driver support.

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