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Is there a utility to map a keyboard key to middle-click?

In particular, I'm trying to map the useless Context Menu key to the middle-click on my laptop.

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This Auto Hot Key script remaps the context menu key to middle-click:


Here is the full List of Keys, Mouse Buttons, and Joystick Controls.

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It's actually possible to accomplish this entirely through some registry hacks, without having autohotkey always running on your computer.

1) create middle_click.ahk consisting only of:

MouseClick, Middle

2) using autohotkey, convert middle_click.ahk to middle_click.exe

3) open regedit and go to


4) each of the numbers that you see in this registry folder corresponds to the multimedia keys on your keyboard. decide which one of these keys you use the least. I chose #15, which corresponds to the email hotkey (my laptop doesn't even have an email hotkey)

5) edit the registry of whatever # you chose

* delete the Association key

* edit > new > string value

* name it "ShellExecute"

* modify its data value to middle_click.exe (you'll need to store the middle_click.exe file somewhere that's available in your PATH environment variable)

6) download

7) using the keytweak gui, map your menu key to the email key

8) restart your computer

9) voila!

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