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I am writing a novel in microsoft word 2003, and I am pretty far into it, but one time I hit a one of the F keys (I don't know which one) by accident.

Now everytime I go on word I have these stupid balloons with writing in them and all my deletions and everything are highlighted shown.

I looked up on google how to stop this and I did as it says, and it worked the balloon with the deletions and all the changes dissapeared, but next time I opened up the document they were back, and they always keep coming back, so when I send my document to anyone it shows them all my deletions and changes I made to the document.

Can anyone help please.


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You must have switched on "Track Changes" accidentally. Switching it off will solve your problem.

The shortcut key that toggles Track Changes is Ctrl+Shift+E.

Alternatively, you can turn it off from Tools > Track Changes menu. This is the official page of Microsoft about that issue: Turn on or off change tracking.

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Thank but it doesn't work, there is a tick on ink anotation, formatting, comments and insertions and deletions. I un tick these then say accept all changes, then I go to tools and click track changes, and it all goes away until I open my word document again and it is back, and anyone I send it to it comes up for them too I am quite worried about this as I feel I may have destroyed my novel, because I can't show it to anyone if this keeps coming up because it looks rubbish when all the deletions and everything is showing. – Cyberdude May 22 '10 at 10:46

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